Charlie Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator” rings true 73 Years Later.

Author: Tyler DeStefano

“I am afforded the right to speak, by the Constitution of the United States. This is the same document that guarantees my liberty. “Liberty,” in case you’ve forgotten, is a soul’s right to breathe. When it cannot take a long breath, laws are girded too tight. Without liberty, man is a syncope.” – Will Hunting

Charlie Chaplin’s speech in the 1940 movie “The Great Dictator” went viral last year, with many different versions showing up on Youtube. It is one of the most moving pieces of truth I have ever seen. Sadly, Charlie Chaplin was misunderstood as a communist for many years. Today a lot of people perceive Chaplin as a lefty, which isn’t entirely false. The point of Chaplin’s speech in this clip was the need for unity. The controllers have used this “left-right”, “divide and conquer” scheme against us for centuries. I see some liberal undertones in this video, which can be taken out of context. I hardly disagree with any of the points. The entire premise of his position is the need to come together and fight for one basic principle, Liberty. We should also strive for peace and prosperity and recognize what greed has done to this world. This particular version of his speech features the amazing score “Time” by Hans Zimmer. Not a day goes by that I don’t listen to one of Zimmer’s beautiful scores, and was taken aback when I saw how well the “Inception (2010)” piece fit this clip. Charlie Chaplin will always be one of my personal heroes. Not only was he a great entertainer but he was way ahead of his time in terms of consciousness. My girlfriend and I even named our kitten after him as tribute to this incredible man.

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