Declassified: Project Northwoods

Author: Jake Mullen

I am NOT a republican, i am NOT a democrat, I AM an American. I believe everyone is entitled to the truth no matter who its from. I live in Upstate New York, with my beautiful family. i enjoy going to a hockey game’s, PC gaming, liberty, laughing, freedom, love. Feel free to follow me on twitter.

To all the people that don’t believe our government could pull a stunt like 9/11, please read the following:

Project Northwoods: March 13,1962 (declassified November 18,1997)

Project Northwoods was a purposed false flag attack by the United States Government, to be carried out by the Central Intelligence Agency, against United States citizens.

  • Drafted by: Joint Chiefs of Staff
  • Signed by: Chairman Lyman Lemnitizer
  • Sent to: Secretary of Defense
  • Authorized by: Joint Chiefs of Staff
  • Rejected by:President John F. Kennedy


The plan was for the C.I.A. to carry out acts of terror in cities across America. Those acts of terror included but were not limited to, Bombings, hijackings, real or simulated actions against our military and citizens, placement of false evidence pointing at Communist Cuba, and then leader Fidel Castro, to be behind the attacks. These actions were to gather support from the American people to declare war upon Cuba. There are some Unofficial reports of the U.S. Government suggested bribing people in Castro’s ranks into attacking America.  (Related Operations:Operation Mongoose, Operation Bingo, Operation Dirty Trick February 2,1962)

The U.S. Government planed to attack Jamaica and Trinidad-Tobago (British Common wealth) and also place blame on Cuba in 1963.

This is from actual declassified government documents. Now re-read that but instead of Fidel Castro insert Osama Bin Laden, and instead of Cuba insert Middle east. Look at all the inconsistencies of the 9/11 attacks(free fall speeds,jet fuel not being hot enough to melt steel,building 7, 45º cuts in the I-beams, Multiple reported ”Booms” and explosions split seconds before the towers fell, orders to stand down, taken over with box cutters,cell phone calls from a plane with out the technology to do so in 2001,no plane remains in PA or at the pentagon, “Terrorists” from the plane found alive, ect.) and then still tell yourself our own government didn’t/couldn’t/wouldn’t do it. 

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